NAME: Jahmezz (James) Thompson



LOCATION: Panama City, FL

MINISTRY AREA: Open-Air/Street Evangelism, Personal Evangelism Training/Discipleship,

Outreach Team Leader, Diaconate, Mercy Ministry, Pregnancy Resource Center Men’s Discipleship



My heart burns with passion for evangelizing and reaching the

world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am doing outreach within

the context of my local community through my local church. I am

under authority as a church-member and also as an ordained

deacon at Covenant Presbyterian in Panama City, FL (which is

part of the PCA). I am humbled and honored to represent Christ

by witnessing to the community where I live and to be in a local

church where discipleship can be done.

I truly believe every church should have a local evangelist and I

am committed to helping bring awareness about this need. I plan

to reach my community through personal witnessing, open-air

evangelism and by training and discipling others to do the same.

I also volunteer at our local Christian Pregnancy Resource Center

for a men’s parenting class, where I am able to share The Gospel

and give practical resources on fatherhood.

I am currently in school with the Samuel Davies School of

Evangelism (Offered by REF/PEF). I should be graduating as a

part of the inaugural graduating class next fall. The degree I will be receiving is an Associate of Applied Science in Evangelism. While having this degree doesn’t improve my heart for evangelism (directly), it does show my local church I am serious about my calling. It also allows me to “be transformed by the renewal of my mind” (Romans 12:2) so I can become a wiser evangelist as I am out representing my church, REF, and most of all our LORD!


In 2005, at the age of 21, God radically saved me from a lifestyle that mirrored (and probably

rivaled) that of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15. After exposing me to evangelism through Way of

the Master, I have been doing personal & open-air evangelism ever since. I am married to the

most amazing woman Kim, and we have a teenage son, Isaiah. Pray for us and consider

supporting us as we raise awareness to churches having a local evangelist and also as we help

increase the total number of black missionaries in the domestic mission field.



Cell Phone: 850-851-5550