Name: Pedro Tarquino

Spouse: Cecilia

Location: Colombia

Ministry Area: Teaching & Preaching

Year Called: 1999

Current Ministry: Pedro is involved in Cali & other parts of Colombia training and Discipleship.

He preaches, teaches and is in involved in multiple projects.


May 2015.pdf

Tarquinomarch15 letter.pdf

December Prayer Letter.pdf

Our Dream.pptx

Laying of First Stone Ceremony1.pdf

Laying of First Stone Ceremony2.pdf

A summary presentation of BEC.pptx

Prayer letter July14.pdf

December 2011.pdf

Contact Information:

Address: Carrera 78 # 3D- 129

Cali, Colombia 

South America

Home Phone: 572-397-5192

Cel. 57-317-403-5262

Email: pedrotarquinom@gmail.com

Video about the Tarquino’s ministry.

Pedro Tarquino