Name: Peter Siaway

Spouse: Dinah

Location: Liberia

Ministry Area: Preaching & Teaching

Year Called: 1998

Current Ministry: Peter has started a school and Seminary in his hometown of Liberia. He and his family currently resides in Metro Atlanta, Georgia.


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More Information:

Autobiography of Peter K. Siaway:

I was born in a loving single parent Christian home at Garplay Inland Mission Clinic on May 6, 1956.  I was dedicated to our Lord as a baby and I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior about six years of age. My goal in life was to be a medical doctor.  But, I was called to serve our Lord after I visited the mission where I was born in 1979. The founder of the mission from Canada had died and was buried at the station.  The other missionaries had gone to Great Britain, Canada and the United States.  The mission station and the churches that had been turned over to the nationals were in poor conditions.  Matthew 6:33 came to my mind to put God first.  My heart was burdened and I had no peace.  I decided to be trained for ministry to serve our Lord.

I went to African Bible College (ABC) in 1981 and I graduated in 1985.  I was called to be the Pastor of Yekepa Inland Church, the granddaughter of Inland Mission in 1983.  I pastored the church from 1983-1994. I joined the staff of ABC in this same city in 1991 as Assistant Registrar, Dean of Students and Professor of Evangelism.  I resigned from ABC in 1995 to seek further study at RTS in the United States. 

I got married in 1987 to the prettiest African lady I met with the longest natural hair.  I got to know her when she came to me for counseling and during her baptism.  We have been married for twenty-four years and have been blessed with four pretty girls.

I obtained my M-Div in Missions after three years of studies in 1998.  I was unable to return home because of the civil war in Liberia.  I joined Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship through the visit of one of her missionaries, Mr. Joe York on RTS-Jackson Campus.  I served as her evangelist in Wilmington, NC; Atlanta, GA; and Bristol, TN/VA. I did inner city church planting in Atlanta.  I was also the International Ministries Developer from 2003 - 2006 for PEF.  I recruited missionaries, screened and worked with them overseas.  There were more than one hundred and twenty-five missionaries in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. I decided to return to Liberia as missionary to my own people in 2007 because the war was over and to fulfill my commitment I made to my church and RTS that after my training I would return home to serve our Lord.

It was at this time that I heard that ABC was about to reopen.  I contacted the President, Dr. Chinchen and his wife and told them my desire for Liberia. They invited me to be on the faculty of ABC.  The college was accredited by the Liberia Ministry of Higher Education and given a university status for five years.  I have been there since the opening of the school as Dean of Admissions and Professor of Mathematics, Political Science, Evangelism, Discipleship and Mentoring, and Physical Education.  I am also writing my Doctorate of Ministry thesis with RTS Jackson.

The college, my sending missionary organization (PEF) and family agreed that I would be in Liberia ministering while my wife and children would stay in the states.  Our oldest daughter just got married and her husband is in the military.  The second daughter Lydia is now a second year college student and the two little ones are in Lilburn Middle School.  The country of Liberia was completely destroyed by the fourteen years of civil war.  The schools in Liberia are below standard and we decided to educate our children in the states. 

Some would say that God has a sense of humor to send a missionary into the interior of Liberia in 1938 so that 18 years later he would help a single mother bring a son into this world to be a missionary.  I love to say, our God is a God of providence.

Peter is raising support to plant a Reformed Church, build a school and a clinic in Liberia. He is praying for a support team that will make five years commitment to support his ministry and project. He will leave as soon as support and project funds are available.  Peter is also teaching at an African Bible College.

If you want to receive ministry updates or prayer requests for Peter's ministry, please email him at

Contact Information:

Address: 6187 Tracey Valley Drive

Norcross, GA 30093


Skype: peter.k.siaway

Peter Siaway