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The Associate of Applied Science in Evangelism is designed to prepare evangelists, laymen and church leaders in evangelism.  The main focus is on the biblical basis of evangelism and the various evangelistic ministries and strategies that are used in reaching the masses in all of the classes of life for the glory of God.  It also provides foundation courses to develop a sound theology and a Christian worldview.  To better prepare the evangelist and evangelistic worker to move into full-time evangelism, courses will be offered to assist them in fund raising, as well.  A special feature in our program allows for “on the job training” for the evangelist/evangelistic worker during our Summer program at the Samuel Davies Conference in Bristol, Tennessee.  Each day the student will do evangelism under the direction and teaching of Rev. Al Baker, PEF evangelist, and Mr. Bill Adams, Executive Director of Sports Fan Outreach International, at the Bristol Motor Raceway during the week of the race.  Upwards of 160,000 people attend this annual race.


January 13-14, 2017


This course will explore Prolegomena: The Doctrine of Revelation and The Doctrine of God: God as Triune, His Attributes, and His Eternal Decrees. We will also briefly consider the various methods of theology. Special emphasis will be given to a Biblical foundation for these doctrines as well as confessional formulations, using the Westminster Standards.


January 13-14

April 7-8

August 16-19 (Samuel Davies Conference)

November 3-4

Professors & Contributors

Lacy Andrews

Theology 1

Al Baker


Bill Adams




Continuing Education

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Below are 7 six minute videos by Al Baker speaking on various topics including evangelism, revival and the church.