Name: Jay Scharfenberg

Spouse: Michele

Children: Samuel

Location: In and around Philadelphia

Ministry Area: Evangelism, Discipleship, Preaching

Year Called: 2018

CURRENT MINISTRY: Reaching Philadelphia for Christ by multiplying disciples.  This will be accomplished by evangelizing those far from God, and then equipping them to be reproducing disciple-makers, while training other Christians and churches to do the same.

MORE INFORMATION: Jay implements a Luke 10 strategy of evangelism and discipleship, while training others to do likewise.  This involves going to those far from God, sharing the good news with them, finding a spiritually open person who welcomes the gospel into their community, and then discipling that person and their community to be disciple-makers.  The tools Jay uses and trains with are:

  1. 1)411 – This tool answers four questions about disciple-making on one sheet of paper in one hour.  It is simple, and reproducible, and explains a) Why we make disciples, b) Who we make disciples with, c) What we say (a 15 second testimony and the three circles gospel presentation), and d) When we say it.  

  1. 2)House of Peace Search / Prayer Walking / Oikos mapping – These are simple, reproducible strategies to share the gospel in your community using the 15 second testimony and three circles.

  1. 3)Discovery Bible Study and Commands of Christ – Both are discipleship-centered Bible Studies that are simple and reproducible.   Included in each study is a commitment to obey what you’ve learned and share the three circles with someone in your relational network, along with accountability the following week for having done so.

If you or your church would like to be trained in how to do this, contact me and I’ll be glad to talk further.

Contact Information:

Phone: 215-407-7306


Jay Scharfenberg