Name: Martins Martinsons

Spouse: Anda Martinsone

Children: Antonete Martinsone and Timotejs Martinsons

Location: Riga, Latvia

Ministry Area: Church Planter

Year Called: 2013

Current Ministry: Martins is leading a Reformed church plant (Pārdaugava Reformed church) that was launched in summer 2016 in one of the areas in Riga (the capital of Latvia). The ministry involves regular preaching during the weekly worship services on Sundays; leading small group Bible studies both for students and professionals; general oversight of the ministry; personal discipleship.


More Information: There are around 200 000 people who live in the wider Pārdaugava area. Historically some of the areas in this part of the town used to be the poorest areas of Riga. Now the area where we are doing our ministry is one of the fastest growing and developing areas in the city. Most of Pārdaugava was built during the Soviet times therefore historically there has never really been a significant presence of the church. And even now there are just a handful of churches and only a couple of them could be called broadly evangelical. 

One thing that makes Pārdaugava unique is that it is the center of universities and colleges of our town. Some of them are just 50 meters from our church. There are just under 60 000 students who spend their days within our reach. There are some 400 international students who live next to our church with many others scattered in the wider area. We believe that the student ministry is a unique opportunity. No church is working with the students in this area.


Martinsons Newsletter - December 2016.pdf

Martinsons Newsletter (August-September 2015) - US.pdf

Contact Information:


Mobile: 00371 26468868

Skype: martins.martinsons

Address: Liepajas iela 36-20

Riga, LV-1002


Martins Martinsons