Name: Rick Light

Spouse: Evangeline

Location: Bristol, Tennessee

Ministry Area: Executive Director of PEF

Year Called: 1980

Current ministry: Dr. Rick Light has served as pastor of Eastern Heights PCA since 1986, and has served the Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship as the organization's fourth Executive Director since 1999.

More Information: Born in Kingsport, Tennessee; graduated from Sullivan Central High School where he lettered three years in football and track.

Dr. Light graduated from Graham Bible College with a B.B.E. in Bible and Theology.  He received his Seminary training (M.A./M.Div.) from the former Atlanta School of Biblical Studies, Decatur, Georgia.  He received his Ph.D in Christian Thought through the Jonathan Edwards Institute in Princeton, NJ, credited through the University of Biblical Studies and Seminary of Oklahoma City, OK in 2005.

His grandfather, Rev. Loyd Light was a well known evangelist, church planter, and pastor in the Kingsport area.  His parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Light, have served the Lord actively as lay leaders in local churches and rearing their Covenant family.  Rick professed Christ as Savior and Lord at 13 years of age and responded to God's call to preach at 17 years of age.

August 1, 1985 Dr. Light was called and commissioned as an evangelist with the Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship.  The Lights have established residence in Bristol, Tennessee.  He was ordained an evangelist February 9, 1986 by the Presbyterian Church in America.  Dr. Light has served churches in Tennessee and Georgia as Pastor in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).  Dr. Light presently serves the congregation of Eastern Heights Presbyterian Church as Pastor.  He has served in this capacity since 1986.

In 1982 he was called by the Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship to be the Director of Ministries of the United States and International Ministries.  Under his leadership Dr. Light was asked to head up a team of evangelists going to minister the gospel in Uganda, East Africa following the overthrow of Idi Amin.  The team was away four (4) weeks and over 700 professions of faith in Christ were made.  Also, Dr. Light was asked to spearhead an evangelistic team going to Jamaica, West Indies.  Over 200 professions of faith were made in Christ during the three (3) weeks of evangelistic activities.  An evangelistic weekend in Puerto Rico saw over 200 public responses as hundreds of thousands watched the final service via satellite.  Dr. Light spent two weeks in India training pastors from Burma and India in evangelism.  Dr. Light has done evangelistic work in Russia (Moscow and Tver).  More recently,  Dr. Light was in Albania to investigate evangelistic opportunities in the capital city of Tirana.  On August 2, 1999, he was installed as the third Executive Director of PEF.

Dr. Light has served as organizing pastor, preaching evangelist in local churches, training and leading personal visitation evangelism, and street evangelism for over twenty years.  His communication with youth has been exceptional.  He has shown rare aptitude at ministering to all groups in our culture. 

He is married to the former Evangeline Patricia Wilkinson, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Ben Wilkinson of Decatur, Georgia.  Evangeline graduated from Decatur High School and Graham Bible College with a B.A. in Bible and Christian Education.  She served for some years as Associate Director and Bible Club Teacher of P.E.F. Children's Ministry.  She currently, on special invitation, assists Dr. Light in meetings by training adults in reaching out to children with the gospel.

The Light's have a son Joshua born in September of 1983 and twins, Nathan and Victoria, born in June of 1987. Joshua is PEF’s USA Team Developer and is currently in seminary. Victoria married Justin Rodda and they have a daughter. Nathan and Beth DeVault were married in 2011.

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