Name: Bill Iverson

Spouse: Sylvia

Location: Colonia, New Jersey

Ministry Area: Campus Ministry

Year Called: 1978

Current ministry:

Currently Teaching at the Jonathan Edwards Institute in Princeton, New Jersey.

More Information:

More Information: You are cordially invited to first pray, and then visit as you will*, to support the

strengthening and replanting of the great historic North Reformed Church, founded 150 years ago.


Our program is to preach the Gospel and love people into the Kingdom by all the means possible in this vast and remarkable business community.


We are blessed with a great mercy ministry, and will add a strong children and youth ministry, Bible study and prayer ministry, business luncheons, and very active evangelistic outreach as we are "al things to all men that we might by all means win some."


This Sunday the sermon will be "When God's People Made the Preacher Shut Up"--  the remarkable story of I Thessalonians 1:1-10.

Thank you so much for your concern and prayers.


Faithfully, and for the Kingdom Now,


Pastor Bill Iverson


*When I started at Trinity Reformed Church in the Ironbound four years ago, there were four members attending regularly.  Two Reformed churches sent thirty members and leaders, including a youth group, to attend for three months.  When the scaffolding fell off, and they went back home, we kept two leaders stayed, and yet there remained forty new worshippers--many of them children who have now joined the church.


Contact Information:

Address: 8 Gaywood Ave., Colonia, NJ 07067