Name: Charles Humphrey

Spouse: Jennifer

Location: Bristol, Virginia area

Ministry Area: Evangelism, abortion mill ministry, jail ministry, orphan & mercy ministry

Year Called as evangelist: 2012

year called to PEF: 2015

current ministry:

I am an ordained elder and a bi-vocational evangelist called by my church session to minister the Gospel to our local region.  I lead up a weekly watch in front of the local abortion mill where Christian women, men and young people from the community pray and offer mercy help to those considering aborting their babies and call out to others going in and passing by to honor God's image by being merciful to the littlest of our neighbors.  I lead a jail ministry team that holds five chapel services a month to both men and women inmates.  I lead a monthly evangelism training group of young people and adults that read and discuss a variety of evangelism resources and train together to articulate the Gospel hope within us to those around us.  I minister closely with foster & respite care families, and at times act as a liaison between foster and birth parents and as a minster contact with the local DSS.  I am working toward putting together a local mini-conference in 2016 with foster families, DSS workers and other Christians in the community to encourage and equip other churches in the area to take on the work of foster care ministry.  Also for 2016 I have help put together a team of volunteers to assist in after-school, mentoring and food help opportunities for a local elementary school that has been deemed one of the highest in the state per capita for poverty and at-risk students.  I am one of the volunteer chaplains at the local hospital, often leading up a Sunday morning chapel service once a month, in addition to be on-call.  I occasionally participate in open-air preaching, and often am involved in street evangelism in our community.  These are in addition to my regular elder and pastoral duties with my local congregation, which also includes filling-in for one of our three pulpits whenever needed, usually once every month or two.

More Information:

I have been married to my wife since 1995, and we have since been blessed with 9 children (#9 due in May 2016).  My wife and I met at King University (formerly King College) in Bristol, TN where I received a BA in Bible & Religion.  I am currently enrolled for 2016 in the nouthetic counseling apprenticeship program with Twelve Stone Ministries.  I have spent most of my adult life in professional sales of construction materials to consumers and builders, and currently am an independent fixture and sign installer for retail stores.  I first became a ruling elder of a PCA church in Crossnore, NC in 1999, but then moved back to Bristol in 2004, became a ruling elder at Saint Peter Presbyterian Church in 2007.  My strengths have been recognized to be in preaching, counseling and leading evangelistic efforts.  In 2012 my session called me to be a bi-vocational evangelist.  A goal for 2016 is that I become a full-time minister and evangelist by becoming a team member of PEF. 


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Contact Information:


PHONE: 276-821-8375