Beginning with its founder, The Rev. William E. Hill, Jr., the Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship has proclaimed the gospel of Christ Jesus throughout the United States and the world. On April 1, 1958 Mr. Hill resigned the pastorate of the West End Church in Hopewell, Virginia. Thus began the Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship with the mission of preaching the gospel of Christ.

A Board of Directors was established in 1964. Mr. Hill was the Executive Director. In 1965 a second full-time evangelist, Dick Little, joined the team. Four more full-time evangelists joined in 1966. The early team members soon realized the need for like-minded believers to get together for refreshment and encouragement. In 1969 they established the Family Evangelism Conference which has continued each summer since. The conference maintains its founders' purposes - gather God's family together for refreshment, renewal and challenge.

Bill Hill resigned in 1973 as Executive Director and Ben Wilkinson

was elected to that position. Ben served until 1995 when

Al Herrington was chosen to succeed him. Ben continues to actively

preach the gospel in the inner city of Atlanta.

In July of 1999 Dr. Al Herrington made the decision to return to

Master’s Market Ministry full time, the Board was once again faced

with the situation to fill the position of Executive Director. The Board determined to elect Rev. Rick Light as Executive Director. Rev. Light is the Pastor at Eastern Heights Presbyterian Church in Bristol, TN.

In August of 2004 PEF relocated to Bristol, Virginia. This is only the second move for the organization.

Mr. Hill's original vision for biblical evangelism is now shared by more than 125 team members. Their ministries are with various kinds of people, conducted under different circumstances, in many cultures. But the core of the message is always the same: the gospel of the grace of God.