Paul Hamelryck


Name: Paul Hamelryck

Spouse: Ann Rachel

Location: Bristol, TN

Ministry Area: Skills Training

Year Called: 2011 

CURRENT MINISTRY: Paul will be working in Zambia teaching skills training to young men across Zambia and South Africa. He hopes to go in April and December of each year.

More Information:

Paul became a PEF International TEAM Member in 2011 but has been involved with missions since 1987. 

Paul’s first mission’s trip to Zambia was in 1987 where he fell in love with Africa. So following in his grandfather’s footsteps from the 1940’s he made it his goal to one day return to Zambia as a full-time missionary and Bible teacher. After graduating from Sangre de Cristo Seminary in Colorado and running Postmill Construction Company in Annapolis, MD he finally got his dream.  Packing up his beautiful wife and 10 children they moved to Zambia in 2009.  He worked on the completion of an orphanage in Chasamba, Zambia, then moved to Kabwe, Zambia to work with Grace Ministries International out of Grand Rapids, MI and Bright Hope World out of New Zealand.  After 5 ½ years of running a dairy farm and preaching regularly at 2 churches and many conferences around Zambia, PEF called Paul home to be the in the home office and he was Assistant Pastor at Eastern Heights Presbyterian Church. Paul is now focusing his ministry to skills training for young men in Zambia and south Africa. He aims to go twice a year in April and December.

He is married to Ann Rachel Hamelryck and is the father of 10 wonderful children and they have one grandson.  Gabrielle Nies the oldest is married to Jared Nies. Page lives in Annapolis, MD working full-time and going to school.  Harrison is in CO going to Sangre de Cristo Seminary and is married to Jessica with a newborn son Wilder. Patrick and Cole are heading out to CO to the Horn Creek Base Camp for their gap year. We hope to have Nola, Shane, Martin, Israel and WaChipi home for the next few years.


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Paul Hamelryck