Name: Richard Fuentes

Spouse: Sandra Aráuz

Son: Richard Alejandro Fuentes

Location: Estelí –Nicaragua

Ministry Area: Church Planting

Year Called: 2013

Current Ministry: Richard Fuentes is a church planter, for many years was serving in Young Life Estelí. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church of Estelí Shalom founded by the missionary Emerson Wilson and his wife Martina W. He has served in various ministries in the Church: teaching in Sunday Schools, preaching in worship services, directing the Ministry of Praise, Minister of Liturgy.  He was the director of the Youth of the Church, member of the session of the Church for three years. Richard was one of the instructors responsible for the development of a Bible study program in the prison in Estelí (Crossroad Bible Institute). In 2013, Saving Grace Presbyterian Church began in the southeast of Estelí.


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More Information: Richard Fuentes is a member of the Board of Tony Flauto Christian Academy, which is a Christian non-profit organization. He works two days a week with the children of the Academy giving personalized attention to the children with learning or behavioral problems. He also develops a music program and group therapy through playful techniques with the children; He teaches about family issues and provides family counseling.

Richard Fuentes is a full-time pastor of Saving Grace Presbyterian Church which began on February 7, 2013; He is also vice president of the new denomination Presbyterian Church of Nicaragua, which Saving Grace Presbyterian Church is part of. We have the vision to plant Presbyterian churches in different cities of Nicaragua.

In the last two years he has attended three conferences missions: one in Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham and two in the Covenant Presbyterian Church in Palm Beach Florida.

We have received some mission teams in our church who have come to support us on Evangelism and construction of the temple of the Church.

His wife Sandra is Director of Children's ministry of the Church and active leader in the ministry of Women where the word of God teaches women of the Church and teacher assistant at the preschool Tony Flauto.

Currently Richard Fuentes is studying Theological Third Millennium program which is supported by the Birmingham Theological Seminary in Birmingham -Alabama and he has received training in evangelism and discipleship by Rev. Allen Baker.


Watch soccer games and play the guitar.



Unlocking grace by Roger Smalling

Liderazgo espiritual by Roger Smalling

Institución de la Religión cristiana de Juan Calvino

This Momentary Marriage: A Parable of Permanence by pastor John Piper

Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

From Embers to a Flame: How God Can Revitalize Your Church by Harry L. Reeder III

Liderazgo Dinámico

Books from pastor Richard Ramsey: Fortaleciendo su fe, a su imagen, sinopsis de la Biblia.



College (University Studies): Psychology at “Farem – Unan, Estelí” in 2007.

2009 – “Shaping correct relationships” on how to help families work together in a healthy way; imparted by CANTERA (A non-profit organization in Nicaragua).

2009 – “Teaching adults” on how to simplify conferences so that untaught adults can  easily  understand  and  capture  the  essence  of the  teachings;  imparted  by Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst (A German non-profit).  

2010  –  I  acquired  a  diploma  on  Political  Incidence,  on  how  to  relate  with  the political  authorities  when  trying  to  partner  with  them  to realize humanitarian projects; imparted by IPADE and Universidad Huracán (a local organization and a local university, respectively).  

2010 – A course on Gender and Domestic Violence at the UPOLI (a well-known local university).  

2010 – Received a conference of “Living in Community”, which focused on how to work with a comprehensive development process in poor communities with Broederlink Delen (an international non-profit).  

I participated in a conference the Shalom PC of Mérida Yucatán imparted here in Nicaragua on the Doctrines of Grace, Liturgy, and Ministerial Development in 2002.

I studied one year (2004-2005) with the International Seminary of MIAMI-MINTS, as a long distance student, where I received training in the theological aspects of the Reformed Doctrine and instruction on how to work with youth.

In 2012, I participated in a conference PC Briarwood from Florida taught: “From Embers to Flames”, on reviving stagnant churches.

The following families are apart of the ministry in Nicaragua:

Emerson & Martina Wilson

Ariel & Arlene Mendoza

Juan Reyes

Contact Information:

Email: richfort81@gmail.com

Richard Fuentes