NAME: Judy Creamer

LOCATION: Woodstock, Georgia

MINISTRY AREA: Ministering to the International Community (transfer students, refugees)



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There are over 1,000,000 international students, business persons, and tourists in the USA on a temporary basis, and millions of immigrants and refugees. God is bringing them to our doorsteps so that the gospel of salvation can be shared with them.  In Cherokee County where Judy lives, the international population increased 488% between 1990 and 2000 and continues to increase. The State of Georgia has over 12,500 international students.  Internationals are very receptive to learning about ,and receiving Christ, when they are away from their home environment. They are eager to learn about the culture and holidays of the United States which gives many opportunities to explain Christianity. When they accept the Lord, they become affective "missionaries" to their families and friends in the USA or in their home countries.


Judy and her husband Daryl, served in the Holy Land from 1971 until 1989 with the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign missions. In August of 1989 the Creamers relocated to their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, to begin a new ministry to internationals in the United States. They helped start the Christian Arabic Church of Cincinnati. Two other Arab fellowships in Dayton and Columbus, Ohio, are off shoots of that original group. Since Daryl's death in 1994, Judy has continued ministry to international students, immigrants,, and visitors from many countries.  Judy speaks Arabic and Spanish.


In March 2004, Judy moved the base of her ministry to Woodstock, Georgia. just north of Atlanta  Because the immigrant population in her area is largely made up of Hispanics, she began studying Spanish to be more effective in her ministry. She is now able to carry on simple conversations.  She sometimes visits or helps local Spanish speaking churches.


In March 2012, Judy joined the PEF family.  She will be commissioned on July 13.


Judy teaches English as a Second Language (ESL) to woman and children who have immigrated to the United States, so they will know English well enough to understand the gospel.  Several of her students have accepted the Lord, and  continue to grow in the faith. She spends time counseling and discipling her students.


Judy ministers to international students from Kennesaw University, Southern Polytecnical State University, and Chattahooche Tech through a local organization called Friends of Internationals. A god number of international students have accepted the Lord through this ministry.  Judy often participates in their social activities which are a stepping stone for presenting the gospel.  She serves as a friendship partner to international students, helping them to adjust, go shopping, or with English when needed.  She often attends the Internationals Student Association meetings at KSU.


Friendship and hospitality evangelism is a large part of Judy's ministry as she opens her home to her friendship partners and other internationals, invites them to church, takes them on trips, or helps them in acculturation. She often hosts dinners and other activities for the internationals she ministers to.  Sometimes international friends living in other areas stay at her home when they are traveling in the area.


A large part of Judy's  ministry is in conjunction with the Hope Center in Woodstock, Ga. She mentors young women concerning spiritual matters, childbirth, and parenting, and teaches ESL to international clients. 


Judy maintains contacts with Arabic speaking people in her area, as well as many in other areas of the country and world, especially in Cincinnati, OH, where she visits several times a year, and in the Holy Land.  She visits Arab churches in Atlanta and Cincinnati to encourage them in their ministries. 


Judy has a Bible study in her home, and other functions, where she often invites neighbors and friends so that she can share the gospel.  She is active in the ministry of Cherokee Presbyterian Church on Johnson Brady Road, in Canton, Georgia.


                 That I am now part of the PEF Family

                 For spiritual growth among my students

•Prayer Requests 

◦Souls to be saved!  Internationals and American Friends and Neighbors

◦More ESL students

◦More neighbors to attend her Bible study and accept invitations for social activities,                                                                                          

                    and more boldness in sharing the gospel in our encounters

◦More Americans to become friendship partners with international students and to

                    reach out to internationals in the USA

◦More international students to attend FOI activities

◦International friendship partners from the universities to have more time to interact

                    with believers and be saved

◦For VBS and other church activities to reach more of the unsaved

◦For possible short term mission trips to Haiti and the Holy Land

◦For travel to Cincinnati and other places

◦For a compatible Christian housemate


Address: 222 Rose Cottage Drive, Woodstock, GA

Phone:  678-494-0881


John Barros


Teresa and her children Frederick and Genesis

Ferdinand and Carlos at the western museum