Burt Boykin


Name: Burt Boykin

Spouse: Anita

Children: Dane (Brinkley), Addison (Tam), Seth, Yates (Alyson), Cobi, Tanner, Griff

Location: Moody, AL

Ministry Area: Evangelism

Year Called: 2018

Current Ministry: In a time where most unbelievers will not venture inside our church buildings, Evangelize Today is committed to helping Christians move outside their Christian bubble and into the “wild” where relationships with unbelievers are developed and the Gospel is introduced. ET offers training, conferences, workshops, and materials to accomplish this work of evangelism. The approach of ET is to “listen to hear” as opposed to the common approach of “listen to respond.”

More Information: Burt grew up in a PCA church in Chattahoochee, FL where he came to know Jesus.  After college (Emory University) and seminary (Birmingham Theological Seminary), he has been at Community PCA in Moody, AL since 1986 … first as youth director, then Associate Pastor, and called as Sr. Pastor in 1995. 

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Contact Information: 

3308 Highfield Drive, Moody, AL 35004