NAME: Paul Bellino

SPOUSE: Kyong Cha

LOCATION: Atlanta, Georgia

MINISTRY AREA: Church Ministries


CURRENT MINISTRY: Pastor of the Church of All

Nations & Church Planting


Paul and Kyong continue to minister in Atlanta's Church of All Nations as well as home bible studies in Decatur, GA and home worship services in Cumming, GA. They continue to diligently work to bring the gospel to a diverse, cross -cultural area and church.



                                                                       Atlanta’s Church of All Nations

                                                        650 Rowland Road, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 30083


                                                         A cross-cultural Church at the Crossroads of the South

Dr. Paul E. Bellino, Associate Evangelist, PEF

Founding Pastor, Atlanta’s Church of All Nations

650 Rowland Road, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 30083

1 P.M. Sunday Worship Service and a 7:30 P.M. Thursday Home Bible Study

Organizing Evangelist, Covenant Family Fellowship Church, (Mission)

Cumming, Georgia,

Associate Professor of Bible and Islamic, American University of Biblical Studies, Decatur, Georgia 

Chaplain, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Dahlonega, Georgia, Chaplain, Military Order of the Stars and Bars, Gainesville, Georgia, and Chaplain, Georgia Association Chiefs of Police, Atlanta, Georgia

Telephone:  770-621-0738

Cell Phone:  770-653-9592 

Mailing Address:  P. O. Box  942088,  Atlanta, Georgia 31141-2088

Atlanta’s Church of All Nations (ACAN) greets you in The Savior’s Name and prays His grace and mercy upon you and yours!  Paul, as founding pastor of ACAN is one of the original members of Synod of the City (SOC), established by Dr. Ben Wilkinson of PEF, in the Spring of 1992, who for many years was director of the Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship.   Paul and his wife Kyong Cha have been members of PEF since 1989.   For the past thirteen years, the Lord has enabled ACAN to meet and reach out to the inner city of metro Atlanta.

Paul and Kyong Cha have invested much time and labor in cross-cultural evangelism in metro Atlanta and by God’s grace the outreach has touched a considerable number of lives over the years.  Many have come to know the Lord and been baptized from local African-American Neighborhoods.  Paul has reached out specifically to the Muslim community and six (6) Shiite’ Muslims from Iran have been baptized at ACAN. An African-American woman was also received into fellowship who attended an Atlanta mosque for ten years until she was converted at one of ACAN’s Sunday services.  ACAN is presently conducting regular Sunday services at 1 P.M. at 650 Rowland Road, Stone Mountain, Georgia. 

ACAN’s vision of a multi-cultural church is a work in progress.  The congregation reflects first and second-generation members of European, Korean, and Africa descent.  They have also been blessed with visitors from Italy, Guam, Germany, Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda.  ACAN is grateful to be a place of Christian fellowship and love for all  people, “red and yellow, black and white”.   ACAN’s mission outreach has extended to the Dekalb County Youth Detention Center (DCYDC), Dekalb County Jail and the State Prison System.  Paul also functions as a Police Chaplain in the Georgia Association Chiefs of Police.  More than twenty young people converted to Christianity at the DCYDC, over the years, and three (3) men through the outreach at Alto Prison have become believers and two (2) are now members of ACAN.  The prison outreach has included Bible and tract distribution and financial support for prison inmates with their special personal needs.  Through this ministry there has been over 100 Life Application Bibles distributed, making the Word of God available in a special study resource form so that inmates may reach many more potential converts as well as grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   In 1994, Paul and the elders of ACAN organized Messiah Fellowship Mission (MFM) in McDonough, Georgia, (Grace Community Church) which he pastored for two years.  That ministry continues to reach Henry County with a new pastor.  In 1997, ACAN organized another mission church, Covenant Family Mission (CFM) presently meeting in a home at 6 P.M. on Sunday evenings in Cumming, Georgia.  As always, there is a strong emphasis on Biblical expository preaching, worship and loving fellowship in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Confluent with these efforts at church planting and reformed evangelism in action, Paul, as Associate Professor of Bible and Islamics, has taught at American University of Biblical Studies (AUBS) in Decatur, Georgia, since 1992, in both the Old and New Testament and is also Visiting Professor for the Biblical Institute for Islamic Studies (BIIS), founded by its president, Dr. Anees Zaka, founding pastor of the Church Without Walls (CWW), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.        

Paul hosted a conversational Bible Study, “The Word for All Nations” on WAEC AM, Atlanta for several years.   Some of ACAN’S most recent outreach efforts have been in Cumming and Dahlonega, Georgia, about 50 miles north in the mountains of Forsyth and Lumpkin Counties.  This has taken the form of a direct ministry to the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) in Dahlonega, Georgia.  Paul has held the position of Camp Chaplain there for the past several years.  Chaplain Bellino has conducted Easter Sunrise services with 35 in attendance from various camps of the SCV of north Georgia.  Paul through the work of ACAN, with the help of its elders, as well as members of the ACAN Women in the Church (WIC), have been used of the Lord to break down racial barriers, real or imagined, that may have existed between the Black community and the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  This has materialized through joint participation at ACAN church events, Confederate Harvest Moon and Christmas Balls; and the united efforts of all parties in the work of Emancipation 2020 USA.  Through the help of God, ACAN was used to facilitate the mutual work of the SCV and Black Christians in working to free Black Christian slaves in the Sudan from the oppression of African Muslim warlords in the capitol of Khartoum.  This a first time venture, wherein white sons of Confederate veterans and members of a Black organization worked together to free Black slaves; that is indeed breaking down barriers for the glory of God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is “not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord.”  Paul, although he spent twenty-seven years in civil rights will be quick to tell you that it is not civil rights but the Gospel of Righteousness that brings brothers in the Lord together.  ACAN is presently a minimally financed work of the Lord.  Therefore,  Paul and the congregation of ACAN will be greatly assisted in ministry as believers sense the call of God to be prayerfully led to aid financially in this new year, this new century, and at the outset of this new millennium, to accomplish the Lord’s work in His kingdom while it is yet day; for “the night cometh, when no man can work” (John 9:4).

By His Grace,

         Paul and Kyong Cha Bellino

John Barros